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two little monkeys

More of the puppies! [I posted on facebook, but the ridiculous little girl has found her forever home.]

Moose (or Buster. I would make the worst petsitter – I’d rename everyone’s dog) is the biggest boy in the bunch.  He’s funny and a little shy and has the cutest, dopey face ever.  He’s also a little toot and squirrels around when you try to pick him up, but as soon as you do, he collapses into you and snuggles up.  And makes you sigh.  And he just started something… unusual.  When he tinkles, he sits.  Not squats.  Fully sits.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen another dog do the same.

thank Dog. photography | dallas, txthank Dog. photography | dallas, tx

And Finn’s still cute as ever.

thank Dog. photography | dallas, txthank Dog. photography | dallas, tx

And we had a bath day.  Finn just loved it.  Obviously.

thank Dog. photography | dallas, tx

Moose/Buster had a bath too – but he’s getting a little big for the sink so I only had time for one quick photo.  And then they sacked out.  Being a puppy is so very exhausting.

thank Dog. photography | dallas, tx

Laura Anderson - Adorable!!!! Awesome pics! Love your work!!

Kayla - What kind of dog is Moose (Buster) ? He is so stinkin cute! 🙂

Karen Poldiora - I don’t think I’ve ever seen cuter puppies!

Debbie - Moose and Finn are actually brothers from the same litter (about half the litter looks like Moose, the other half more like Finn). Their mom looks like a aussie shepherd mix of some sort, but we have no idea who the dad was. I’d guess there was probably some German Shepherd somewhere in there too.

meet birdie » thank Dog. photography - […] started thinking perhaps an australian shepherd (basically another Finn, the one I let get away!), so I hopped on and searched for local aussies.  An […]

two is easier than one…

But three is definitely more trouble than two.

Puppies, of course.  Since  the little fuzzy girl is already spoken for (she’ll go to her new home tomorrow night assuming the meet and greet with her future sister goes as expected), I brought another sibling home from the adoption event yesterday, this time one of the sable-colored ones (half are sable, and the other half are black & brown, with two being tri-colored).  Having two at a time really is much easier than one as they happily keep each other company, chew on each other, sleep piled up on each other, etc…  They still do all that with three, but it’s definitely harder to manage them (and the messiness seems to grow exponentially).

Meet Buster, the big boy of the bunch (I’ve also been calling him “Moose”).  He’s a sweet, gentle, fuzzy, cuddly, calm teddy bear of a boy.  At yesterday’s event, he was definitely the most popular (excluding the little girl, who is just ridiculous, made even more so when she sleeps perfectly curled up in the water bowl… when there is still water in it).  Everybody wanted to hold and snuggle with Buster – just look at his sweet face!

thank Dog. photography | dallas, tx

Expect more photos in the near future!

If you are interested in possibly adopting the big lug [mom’s about 40 lbs or so, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Buster wound up at 50-60 lbs… but who knows?], please contact me or DFW Rescue Me.

puppy breath… it’s a dangerous thing

I may have mentioned in it on here, but I am really susceptible to a particularly severe case of puppy fever.  A snuggle into the crook of my neck, that sweet puppy breath… I’m gone.  Which makes a recent decision very dangerous.

I have two little puppies in my house right now.  Mom was seized from a hoarder – one of around 40 or so dogs.  Shortly thereafter, she gave birth to a litter of 12 (!).  Once all the legalities from the seizure were resolved, the little turds and their mom were pulled from the city shelter by DFW Rescue Me, and, after a short period at a vet clinic to ensure their health, they went to stay at a very generous volunteer’s home.  Now the little ones are 8-9 weeks old and are ready for adoption into their forever homes.  I agreed to foster one now that they are old enough to be separated, but when I went to pick him up, I decided two might be a better idea for them (I think it was – it’s made the transition a lot easier).  Saint Bear isn’t completely sure what to make of the squirmy little things with sharp teeth and nails, though he’s already fretting a bit over them.  The Princess, on the other hand, is less willing to share her spotlight so the pups’ new temporary home is my master bath — they get out a lot, of course, but that’s where they’re doing their eating, sleeping, and the majority of their peeing and pooping (on a side note, my puppies have been a lot bigger than these two — I can’t even tell when they – especially the girl – are taking care of their business since they’re so close to the ground anyway!  It’s slowing the housebreaking process, but we have started working on it).

So here’s the two….  Mom is an Australian Shepherd mix, and 11 of the 12 have a similar look (about have are tri-colored/black, the other half are colored more like a German Shepherd).

The bigger of “my” two is the boy puppy, definitely one of the 11. He’s the more adventurous and busy one of the two, and appears to be quite smart and confident.  He’s a little toot, very “puppy” and has developed a little crush on Bear.  

He watches Bear closely, and shows off a little, doing his clumsy puppy run/jump/stumble/play bow.  (He’s still a little too young to be much fun for Bear as all he does is chew on Bear’s tail or paw at his face, so mostly he just follows Bear around and dances around in front of him while Bear tries to politely take leave.)

It’s a little hard to tell, but that’s Bear’s tail he’s got.

The wee one is the girl puppy, and she’s the 1 of 12… She’s about half the size of her brother (she can – and frequently does – walk right under him), and has completely different fur than him.  She actually looks more like a shih tzu (maybe?) puppy than a shepherd mix — or an adorable cross between a Gremlin and a hamster (she’s a wee one).  She definitely had a different daddy than her brothers and sisters.

She’s not as curious as her brother, but she’s a scrappy little thing.  They puppy play and fight a lot, and she holds her ground.  She’s a burrower – she keeps fidgeting and moving around until she finds the perfect spot to snuggle into to nap. She’s not particularly interested in Bear, but she’s not afraid of him either.  When outside, the little puffball sticks pretty closely by, and if I stop moving, she inevitably parks herself on my feet.

These two adorable fluffpuffs are available for adoption through DFW Rescue Me.  If you are interested – or know somebody who is – please email me for more information ( and/or go to the DFW Rescue Me website and fill out an adoption application.

I should probably go ahead and apologize in advance for the likely avalanche of photos of these two little ones in the upcoming days!

Nick - Oh my puppies can be addictive yea? 😀

belinda nichols - I blame you for this entirely! LOL But I would love to find out about maybe adopting the smaller one-or one like her. I’m checking the link out now. You are an amazing photographer!

Debbie - I’ll take that blame, Belinda! She’s the unique one in the litter – the other 10 look more like, and are built more like, the boy. I just had her out at my dad’s and she had so much fun in the lush green grass (much more so than the dirt and dead grass left in my lawn). She’s a little pistol – chasing and barreling over her brother, and wrestling him down to the ground. A little, furry, ball of sass.

Mark - Melt!!

Briana - BEYOND adorable! I just want to eat them up!!!

Cindy - WOW these are sooooo great!!! the top one you can kinda see a resemblence in the ears. Great photo’s

most eligible kitties

As some of you are aware, Bravo recently started airing their new show, “Most Eligible: Dallas” (second episode airs tonight).  One of the stars of the show,  Tara Harper, is the co-founder and President of Paws in the City, a rescue organization that has appeared on this blog many a time.  I first met Tara a couple years ago, and while I know nothing of her personal life or any drama in it (it is a Bravo show so I assume there will be drama!), I can attest to her dedication, devotion and passion toward rescuing animals.  She’s not just a pretty figurehead – the woman gets her hands dirty and works hard.  Plus she’s a phenomenal fundraiser and PR face for the organization – and for awareness in general.  And on a personal note, Tara’s never been anything but totally sweet to me, and she’s been super supportive of thank Dog. photography (I photographed her Max not too long before he passed away).  So, my hope is that the editing staff are kind to her – and that her work with and compassion for animals comes through as genuine as it is.

So… the first episode depicted Tara pulling some dogs from the city shelter, but Paws in the City also helps find homes for kitties.  A few weeks ago (I’m very slow blogging this summer!), I met some of the kittens and cats available for adoption.  With my camera, of course.  We met at a vet/boarding facility where Paws has a room for the cats  – the hope/plan is to soon convert a larger area into a full-time adoption center for the cats.  (As a side note, it gave me my first real experience with the weirdness of fluorescent lights — I’ve shot in them before, but for some reason was not as affected as this time.  For the photography people out there, it’s a white balance nightmare with the rapidly cycling color changes – one photo is blue, and the next, shot rapid fire, is orange).  Anyway, here’s a ton of photos of some of the cats available for adoption (because I am delayed posting this, it’s possible that some of these guys may have been adopted — but there are plenty more just like them!).

Leanne - These are immense! Fantastic!

y e l p