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As some of you are aware, Bravo recently started airing their new show, “Most Eligible: Dallas” (second episode airs tonight).  One of the stars of the show,  Tara Harper, is the co-founder and President of Paws in the City, a rescue organization that has appeared on this blog many a time.  I first met Tara a couple years ago, and while I know nothing of her personal life or any drama in it (it is a Bravo show so I assume there will be drama!), I can attest to her dedication, devotion and passion toward rescuing animals.  She’s not just a pretty figurehead – the woman gets her hands dirty and works hard.  Plus she’s a phenomenal fundraiser and PR face for the organization – and for awareness in general.  And on a personal note, Tara’s never been anything but totally sweet to me, and she’s been super supportive of thank Dog. photography (I photographed her Max not too long before he passed away).  So, my hope is that the editing staff are kind to her – and that her work with and compassion for animals comes through as genuine as it is.

So… the first episode depicted Tara pulling some dogs from the city shelter, but Paws in the City also helps find homes for kitties.  A few weeks ago (I’m very slow blogging this summer!), I met some of the kittens and cats available for adoption.  With my camera, of course.  We met at a vet/boarding facility where Paws has a room for the cats  – the hope/plan is to soon convert a larger area into a full-time adoption center for the cats.  (As a side note, it gave me my first real experience with the weirdness of fluorescent lights — I’ve shot in them before, but for some reason was not as affected as this time.  For the photography people out there, it’s a white balance nightmare with the rapidly cycling color changes – one photo is blue, and the next, shot rapid fire, is orange).  Anyway, here’s a ton of photos of some of the cats available for adoption (because I am delayed posting this, it’s possible that some of these guys may have been adopted — but there are plenty more just like them!).

Leanne - These are immense! Fantastic!

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