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best in show

I’ve been to a couple dog shows in the past few months, and I’m now pretty certain that “Best in Show” is a documentary (and the owners and handlers I talked to agree!).  There’s some great people-watching, but, as expected, the real stars are furry…

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Claire - ooh, that last one is really cool!

girls’ weekend

I hated being a lawyer at a large law firm, but it did have a few perks (aside from the sorely missed salary).   One being some of the people I got to know.  This past weekend, four of us girls drove down to a ranch just outside the booming metropolis of Sisterdale, Texas.  It was a long weekend of  hanging out in a fabulous little house, eating, drinking, watching cheesy 80’s teen flicks, and doing nothing.   Heaven, right?

There was also a little picture-taking of  the local wildlife.  Max here likes to think  he’s the “tough” ranch dog (and too cool for photos), but he’s really a sweetheart.


To be fair, he does his best every day to protect the house against the UPS delivery man.


One morning while Max was busy getting some love from us, this little ewok came waddling in the house to say “hi” and get his own dose of love.   Meet Mickey.



There were horses, a llama, some pheasants and a cat as well.  There used to be a donkey and a goat, but they had to rehome the donkey because it picked on the goat.  Then they had to rehome the goat because it picked on the dogs.  I don’t know why the woman swallowed the fly.

so here I am…

Is this working???  Do I have any idea what I’m doing??

The answer to the latter is “no.”  But I’ll figure it out.  For now, this blog is very basic, but once I get up and going and figure some stuff out, expect it to be revamped.  And pretty.  But until then, this will do.

But as a start, meet the mascot/muse of thank Dog photography, Miss Belle:


And my trusty assistant, Mr. Bear:


Grace - Thanks for stopping by! Love your photography – Miss Belle and Mr. Bear are gorgeous.

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