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looking back at 2013

Since I never ever blog, I thought I’d quickly tag a few of the photos I like from the past year and stick them inView full post »

deck the mailboxes…

Introducing… the 2013 holiday card designs!  (I feel like there’s a little drummer boy drumroll joke hereView full post »

mischka & charlie | dallas cat photography

After suddenly and tragically losing their cat, Argyle, my friends enlisted me to photograph their remaining kitties.  View full post »

most eligible kitties

As some of you are aware, Bravo recently started airing their new show, “Most Eligible: Dallas” (secondView full post »

harley cat

Yep, I have a cat. In the summer of 1996, I decided I was going to get a pet – the first that was mine alone, andView full post »

all grown up | dallas cat photography

My neighborhood menace kitty‘s all grown up!  He was out taunting my pups again the other day so I grabbed myView full post »

the neighborhood menace

This sweet little kitten has been tormenting my creatures for a couple months now.  He (I think it’s a he) is aView full post »

also in search of a good home | paws in the city

I don’t want to leave the kitties out! I stopped by a recent kitty adoption event at Petsmart to take photos ofView full post »

nancy and joe

Nancy and Joe are a couple of crazy teen cats (well, five or six month old).  The twins were recently rescued from theView full post »

bear | dallas pet photography

This Bear’s a little different than my Bear.  For one, she’s a girl.  Second, she has a lot more fur.  View full post »

herding cats

Cats are very different than dogs.  I know a fair amount about dogs – I understand their body language, I’View full post »

edie | dallas pet photography

You may notice something unusual about Edie.  Well, I suppose it’s nothing about her that’s unusual, butView full post »

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