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You may notice something unusual about Edie.  Well, I suppose it’s nothing about her that’s unusual, but her presence here might be.

I do photograph cats occasionally — they can actually be a lot of fun to shoot.  They aren’t easily bribed like most dogs, and don’t really take direction well (I suspect they are looking at me and making condescending remarks in French instead).  You know your cat, and you know whether or not it’s realistic to think that I can get any decent shots.  For example, if someone were to come over to shoot my cat, Harley, they might get a few hissing shots and then darkness under the bed (not a lot of natural light there…).  I worried that the same was going to happen with Edie — she did dive under the bed soon after I arrived, but she quickly reappeared, game for a modeling session.

Edie’s a gorgeous cat – so gorgeous, in fact, that I’m pretty sure Lily did all of her interior decorating to match Edie’s pretty coat.  But lest you think she’s just another pretty face — she’s also quite the huntress of all things catnip.

Anita - She’s stunning! I love diluted torties:)

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