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the neighborhood menace

This sweet little kitten has been tormenting my creatures for a couple months now.  He (I think it’s a he) is a neighbor’s mostly outdoor kitty, and his favorite place to hang is directly in front of the big windows in front of my house.  These windows.

This tree?  Less than four feet from those windows — you can see it in the photos of Bear’s stunt.

It’s driving me crazy (because it’s driving my crash-test-dummy dogs crazy), but I have to admit, the little dude is freaking adorable.

So I joined in on the puppy torment and went out and played with him.  SUPER friendly. And playful.

And maybe part kangaroo. (He found a leaf, and it was the best thing ever.)

What happens if you decide to stop playing before he’s ready for you to…

He’s grown up a bit since these photos were taken – but has found some neighborhood friends to hang with in my front yard.  He’s still friendly, but is sort of teenager-friendly now – only on his terms and only when his friends aren’t watching.

Poochie Freak - Awwww, gorgeous photos – and a beautiful cat 🙂


Leanne - These are AWESOME, Deb!! Just awesome and SHEESH, I totally missed that Bear pot – how mental!
(did you ever get a replacement?)

Ruth - So gorgeous!!!

Debbie - Leanne – Scary thing is Bear’s broken through a door — two panes of glass plus the wood divider — since. But I have fixed it – I put up plexi on the inside of the windows. It’s worked really well and you have to really look to even see it’s there.

Anita - He is PAINFULLY cute!!!! Oh man I love kittens!

Sarah - How friggin’ cute!!! That kitty would have a new home if he was in my backyard 😉 Love that he is just “teenager friendly”! Lol!

nick - Haha very cute! Love those playful action shots 🙂

Leanne - Shoot, Debbie! Is Bear made of utter muscle??

Lily - Love the photos and want to play with him! What is his name??

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