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A couple weeks ago, I was approached by Steven Lindsey, a local writer, about having an article written about me and thank Dog. for the Dallas Voice.  Umm…. yes, please!  The article came out today….

Pick up a copy – or check out the online version here.

And a little behind the scenes — actually, it was just a typical shoot!  I went over and met Steven, his partner, and their crew of four girls.  Yep, four.  A sweet older chow mix, two terrier mixes, and a young rat terrier.  Prepare yourself for a loooong post!

First – Peyton.  She’s getting up there (she’s almost 12), but you’d never know.  The oldest and the biggest, Peyton’s the boss, but she’s more of a benevolent leader. Her gorgeous coat comes from hours of sunbathing on the deck.

Next up are the middle kids, Cleo and Cordy, both terrier mixes.  They are 9 and 8 respectively, and, believe it or not, Cleo is Cordy’s mom.  (Cleo’s the adorable little fuzzy brown, black and white girl; Cordy’s the elegant black girl with the Hepburn neck.)

And lastly, little Kendall, the 3 year old rat terrier.  While Cleo and Cordy are thought to be part terrier, there is absolutely no doubt that Kendall is all terrier.  She’s the little stinker of the family, with a personality about 1,000,000 times her size.

Thanks to Steven, his family and the Dallas Voice!!

Also – thank Dog. will be at a bunch of upcoming events — Walk Wag & Run this Saturday, the Barking Hound Village Howl-O-Ween parties in both Dallas and Austin next week, and the West Village Dog Trot & Treat next weekend (check the Events tab for more information).  Come by and visit!

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