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garbo, the really great dane

I was so excited when Garbo’s mom emailed me about setting up a session.  I’m a big fan of the giant breeds (see Belle) – and we had two Danes when I was growing up so they have a special place in my heart.  Garbo did not disappoint.  I was advised before the shoot that Garbo can be a little “guardy” and standoffish at first, but I didn’t see that at all.  Rather, within minutes, I was getting the full Dane lean.

And I was extra happy when we decided to do the shoot in downtown.  We started at the park (Main Street Gardens).

Garbo’s a pretty mantle girl — and she’s enormous.  Seriously, she’s BIG (like 65 pounds bigger than Belle).  While at the park, a little boy asked if he could “pet the reindeer.”  

She’s a big girl, but she’s still playful.  And I come equipped with cuz balls for all sizes!

After the park, we decided to do a little window shopping.  Miss Garbo has good (and expensive) taste.  I thought Belle attracted a lot of  attention, but it’s nothing compared to walking around downtown with Garbo.

A little something different – but for some reason, I really like it.

I’m a bit bummed by this last shot.  We wanted to get a shot of Garbo walking among the cattle sculpture, but unfortunately, Garbo was not too excited about the idea (the ginormous ones are always the biggest scaredy cats!).  We managed to get her to walk along the path next to them once, but I didn’t have time to get a particularly good angle.  Next time.

Stephanie - What an AWESOME session!!! I really love the first, second and last shot. Beautiful images

Briana - The Neiman’s shot could not be more fabulous. 🙂

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