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I admit it, I’m a sucker for a bulldog.  Something about them makes me squeal and giggle a little whenever I see one – I suppose it’s the snorfling and snoofling they’re constantly doing.  So I was definitely excited to shoot Lulu.

I also figured it’d be a fairly easy shoot.  I mean, it’s a bulldog.  Yes, she’s young, but I figured that meant she’d run around for about 5-10 minutes before she’d wear herself out and plop down to recover.  Well, I’m convinced Lulu is a lab trapped in a bulldog body.  The little girl didn’t stop.  She loved the squeaky cuz and got super excited for me to throw it for her (those little legs of hers move fast!).  Her game is not the traditional fetch, but rather to run and find the cuz, sniff on it a little bit, and then run back, leaving the cuz ball where it landed.  (So, maybe not a lab after all…).  We played for a couple hours and she never stopped, not even for a minute.  A busy little snorfler, that one.

After a couple hours with the cuz ball, I dug into my bag of tricks and treats and pulled out a green hol-ee roller.   Lulu’s mom commented that she’d seen one and thought of getting one for Lulu, but wasn’t sure she’d love it since it didn’t squeak.  Ummm….. she didn’t mind the missing squeak.  

Christopher - I waaaaannnntttt one!

Jess Kamm - Loves these, especially the flying bulldog image!

SqueakDog Pet Photography - LOVE these action shots!! Would you be willing to share any settings? Really beautiful work!

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