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sailor | paws in the city

Whenever I go to an adoption event or run by one of the boarding facilities to take photos of the adoptable Paws in the City dogs, well, I have to admit, there’s almost always one that jumps out as an instant favorite.  There’s no obvious rhyme or reason behind the one that tugs at my heart a little more strongly — sometimes it’s the one that won’t stop giving me kisses; sometimes it’s a sweet little shy baby; sometimes it’s one that looks a certain way — but one almost inevitably does.

The last time I went by Urban Paws, they had a handful of Paws dogs (and the puppies — I promise I’m going to do a big post on them soon!).  That time, “my” dog was Sailor.  The sweet boy was turned over to a city shelter when his owners could no longer care for him.  Paws in the City managed to rescue him just in time as space was running out at the shelter.  He’s young – still less than a year – but he’s already (mostly) outgrown the puppy silliness, which isn’t to say he isn’t super friendly and a little goofy and that he doesn’t have energy to spare, he just seems a little mature for his age.  All the other dogs seemed to think he was super cool.

So I heart Sailor and hope he gets a really really good home soon.

I confess that my favorites are sometimes the hams that seem to just just love the camera, and Sailor certainly fit that category.  I probably shouldn’t admit this, but the shot below reminds me of an America’s Next Top Model photoshoot — Sailor’s totally found his light, he’s smiling with his eyes, and all eyes are drawn to him regardless of what’s going on around him.

Anita - he is STUNNING!! And totally amazing for the camera! You did a great job capturing this handsome guy!

Shauna (Fido & Wino) - Sailor really is gorgeous! It would be great if you had a “share” button- I’ll like to post this to Twitter…

Di Leventhal - Wow hope he finds a home he’s stunning, but then you are a brilliant photographer!

Christopher - UGH! love Love LOVE the last one on the left! Reminds me of a GQ ad! LOL Too cute!

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