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We’re the two best friends anybody could have….

My little monkeys are weird.  They’ll happily be lazing in the backyard – one on the elevated bed, the other sprawled out on the porch – but all that changes when I step outside.  Belle jumps up, dances around for just a second, looks at me to make sure I’m watching, and then play attacks Bear.  And the show begins.   I’m not sure why my presence prompts a full episode of wrestlemania, but it does.

They play rough – Belle growls and barks and talks.  Both show their teeth as they lunge at each other’s throats.  It scared me at first – were they still playing or had it turned into a real fight?  Well, it’s never turned into a fight.  After a short cycle of ferociousness, they pause.  Belle swings a paw up on Bear’s back, her signal that it’s time to him to do a little grooming on her.  Bear happily complies.  Once Belle decides she’s back to looking fab, she usually ducks her head to try to grab one of Bear’s front legs.  And the games resume!

We actually have a similar game at night in front of the TV.  Bear lies all curled up, super sweet, next to me, when Belle realizes there hasn’t been a spotlight on her highness for entirely too long, a crisis that must be remedied immediately.  She marches up, and slowly walks back and forth, tail swishing (usually across my and Bear’s faces).  If that doesn’t work to sufficiently get Bear’s attention, she barks.  Then she resumes the swishing — bark, swish, bark, swish — until finally Bear hops up to groom her.  And then, once she decides he’s done, she wanders back to her chair or off to another room for another nap.

I never said they were right in the head.

Becky - Deb that picture is so great! Makes me wish Phaneuf had playmate. If only I had a bigger car…or a bigger house…more money… *sigh* 🙂

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