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happy birthday, bear!

Today was my boy’s 7th birthday.  At his last vet appointment, he was classified a “senior.”  IView full post »

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jet & rosie | dfw rescue me

So I’m fostering puppies for DFW Rescue Me again.  Black labs (maybe mixes? their mom looks to be a pure bred,View full post »

ay… chihuahuas.

So it turns out chihuahuas are different than newfs.  Or big lab mixes.  Or even shepherd mixes.  These little guysView full post »

two little monkeys

More of the puppies! [I posted on facebook, but the ridiculous little girl has found her forever home.] Moose (or BusterView full post »

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two is easier than one…

But three is definitely more trouble than two. Puppies, of course.  Since  the little fuzzy girl is already spoken forView full post »

puppy breath… it’s a dangerous thing

A couple little nuggets are living with me until they find their forever homes…View full post »

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26 straight days of 100+ degree weather – with no end in sight.  Pfffllttt…View full post »

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you say it’s your birthday….

It’s Belle’s birthday too! This is her “I’m doing as you say but I’m watching you asView full post »


thank Dog. photography – dallas pet photographyView full post »

harley cat

Yep, I have a cat. In the summer of 1996, I decided I was going to get a pet – the first that was mine alone, andView full post »

belle the newfoundland

I get a fair number of questions about Belle, and Newfoundlands in general.  They’re not a terribly common breedView full post »

ridgenose | dallas dog photography

Bear’s asymmetry may be what makes him so handsome, but Belle has her own “flaw” that makes her uniqueView full post »

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happy spring!

It’s officially spring!   Spring means one thing to Belle… time to blow her coat.  Hair, hair, EVERYWHEREView full post »

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