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Right before we left for our Alaskan cruise, my sister and her husband noticed their dog, Bowie, suddenly limp a little.  They didn’t really think much of it – Bowie is an active, healthy girl who acts much younger than her 10 years, so they assumed she must have just twisted or tweaked something.  When the limp persisted, they took her in to the vet, thinking – at worst – it was a stress fracture.  They were not prepared for the diagnosis – osteosarcoma.  Cancer.  The bone in her front leg was already seriously weakened, though – aside from the limp – Bowie was acting fine.  Eating, drinking, playing, pooping – same as always.

Nevertheless, the diagnosis has been confirmed.  After discussing options, it became clear what they were going to have to do.  Today, Bowie goes under the knife to have one of her front legs removed.  There’s no indication that the cancer has spread beyond the leg yet so the hope – fingers crossed – is that the amputation will mean she’ll be pain-free and around for several years to come.

It’s sometimes tough to be a dog owner – they are so reliant on us to take care of them and to help them and when we can’t easily, it’s heartbreaking.  I know my sister and brother-in-law are doing the right thing, but I also know it’s not an easy decision to make.  I have no doubt that Bowie will readily adapt to her new three-leggedness – probably quite a bit more easily than her parents – but in the meantime, I’m wishing her a safe and quick recovery from her surgery!

Jennifer - In animal rescue, we like to say dogs are born with 3 legs and a spare. I am wishing the best for Bowie. And I concur, cancer sucks. Please keep us updated. My Maximus is at a higher risk for osteo due to prior orthopedic surgeries and I loathe that word with all my might.

Shauna (Fido & Wino) - They are obviously such loving pup parents! I am sure Bowie will do great with his 3 legs- sending you lots of positive thoughts!

Angela - Really hope all has gone well/goes well for Bowie’s op today. I’ve known of other older dogs who have done well on three legs.

My thoughts are with Bowie and her family. I know from sad experience that it’s a very difficult time.

Angela, UK

Stacey - My thoughts are with that gorgeous doggie. I’m sure she’ll get used to whats happened and it’s without a doubt the best thing to do. Love the words.

elizabeth - We have had two 3-legged rescue dogs in our lives (one currently lives with us. The other has since passed away.). We can learn much from dogs….. They are resilent enough to never miss their 4th leg, and never look back with regrets. I’m happy to listen or give advice to your sister on living with a tripod (they both love riding in a golf cart…I think it’s their way of running fast!). Blessings~ Liz

Becky - Best wishes for Bowie. May her transition go smoothly!

Angela - Bowie is home after her surgery and doing well so far. In fact, I think our biggest challenge is going to be making sure she rests so she can heal. She is in good spirits and already adapting. Thanks to everyone for the well-wishes!

Jacque Bryant - Hang in there, Bowie! We wish you a very speedy recovery.

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