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Paws in the City has a lot more dogs than just Lady Bird up for adoption!  Here’s just a few…

Maggie’s a big ole tank of a boxer mix girl.  She’s smart as a whip – maybe the smartest of all the Paws dogs I’ve photographed so far – and LOVES her ball.  LOVES.

Cooper is a slobbery, ball-loving, happy-go-lucky doofus lab.

What a little sweetheart Pablo is.  He’s a young kid who spent a lot of his puppyhood at the shelter – poor thing.  He’s a cuddly bear.

It probably wasn’t very nice of me, but I giggled a little when I first saw Glad.  I think she looks like a cross between a pug and a pit, not a common combo!  Her little underbite, uncontrollable ears and adorable expressions are too much.  Glad has one of those awful stories – she was found when a good Samaritan noticed a black garbage bag on the side of the highway moving.  It was Glad trying to get out.  You’d never know she had such a tragic start to her life though – she truly lives up to her name!

Last, but certainly not least, Red.  Red was found in North Carolina, having been shot in the leg.  Paws worked their magic, found him transport to Dallas and have him healthy and happy and ready for a family to spoil.  I didn’t know his story when I first met him, and I never would have guessed it.  He’s a serious goofball and lovebug.  It may not be the best manners, but the way he slowly and gently climbs up the front of you to get as much loving as he can is just so sweet.

All these dogs (and more!) are available for adoption through Paws in the City!

Shauna (Fido & Wino) - These pups are too beautiful!

Anyone who adopts a pet is HAWT in my books- hopefully some prospective rockin’ rescue owners bring these pups to their forever homes very soon!

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