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I recently had a session with two tiny little creatures — Cotton (maltese) and Baldy (yorkie).  Together they weigh around nine pounds.  That’s a little more than half what Belle weighed at 8 weeks.  But neither one of them has any idea they aren’t very intimidating.

Cotton’s an adorable little fluffball.  She has appointed herself Princess, and in charge of Baldy.  But she’s shy.  When I first arrived, there was a lot of yapping and barking — it continued off and on throughout our session.  Cotton was initially the brave one of the two – coming up and taking the treats from me.  I guess she filled herself up though as she backed off after not too long and then stuck very close to mom.  She’s a funny little girl – though she remained undecided about me, it didn’t stop her from giving me a couple play bows followed by mad dashes.

Baldy will have his own post soon!

Anita - what an adorable little fluffy!

Chris - That last one of her peaking around the bedpost is adorable!

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