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I’ll admit to being a little nervous before Cotton and Baldy’s photo shoot.  First, I was warned that they’re both quite shy and protective.  But secondly, I learned I was to shoot a yorkie named “Baldy.”  Now, I totally think that all dogs are cute… but I was a bit worried that a bald yorkie would challenge my thinking.

Luckily, Baldy’s not bald at all.  When his adult coat started growing in, his markings made it look as though he was bald, and the name stuck.  As for the protective and shy bit…. yes, Baldy is a bit of both.  It took him a little while to warm up to me at all, though once he discovered I was a human treat dispenser, he stuck pretty close.  The teeny tiny little ragamuffin probably ate his weight in treats by the time we were through.

alexa - Love that look he’s giving you… Don’t come too close! And do you have any treats? 😉 Very cute shots. He’s definitely not bald!! 😉

Ty - These are great! I love the last two

Chris - Awesome! I love your work so much!

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