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libby & tsouka | dallas dog photography

Libby and Tsouka are a couple of sweet yellow labs.  Libby went through the seeing eye dog program as a pup but didn’t quite graduate (she was a little apprehensive around strange men).  She’s 10 years old now and is a sweet old thing — with endless patience for her best friend, Tsouka, and a fondness for treats.  Tsouka actually belongs to Libby’s mom’s human daughter – so she’s Libby’s niece?  Tsouka – Russian for little girl dog (cute!) – is a happy, two year old lab.  She had no problem immediately sniffing out a tennis ball left behind.

First up – Libby….


And Tsouka…



And the girls together….   (Libby loves Cheerios.  If you look closely you can see one falling — Libby definitely saw it!)


nick - They both looks very happy 😀 2 labs sounds like you had your work cut out with all that enthusiasm 🙂

Christina - Labs are my favorite! Black or Yellow, these images make me want to hug them!!! love it!

Cheryl Smith - Beautiful dogs & beautiful photography! Hope they both get their forever homes.

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