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kelly o’malley | dallas dog photography

The past several days have been lab days around here — starting off with the pretty Irish lass, Kelly O’Malley, a lab/dalmatian/golden mix.

Kelly reminded me a lot of my Bear — I’m not sure exactly what it was, but she seemed like a smaller, darker, girlier version of him in a lot of ways.  And that’s most definitely a good thing in my book!


Kelly’s definitely got a lot of retriever in her.  She’s a big fan of the tennis ball – but her frisbee is her true love.


Very focused and ready for the frisbee toss…


Unfortunately, it was quite windy so our frisbee tosses where hugely unpredictable — even to Kelly — and were mostly nosediving right next to us.  I’m not sure I’m going to win any ultimate frisbee titles any time soon.  I think I might have hit myself with one of my tosses.



I always love a good parting shot.


Rhianne - She looks like such a happy dog, I love the photo with the ball!

geneva goza - she is absolutely beautiful with such an awesome smile! thanks so much for making her such a happy dog!

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