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an update on birdie

So… Birdie.  The Bird.  Bird-Dog. Bunny.

She started kindergarten (finally).  I wouldn’t say she’s the best in her class, but she’s doing okay.  The class is fine – I disagree with some parts, but it’s fine for puppy school.  I’m largely taking the class for the socialization aspect – after this, I plan on taking her elsewhere probably for beginner basic agility training.  Of course, the socialization is something Birdie is a bit too interested in.  Loose leash walking through a crowd of people and other puppies is pretty much both her dream and nightmare (“YAY! such fun! people, OMG!, puppies, OMG!!!, but wait, you want me to ignore them?!??! I want to – no, HAVE TO – meet them!  plus, look at them, they’re scattered willy-nilly all over the place, not neatly gathered into a corner, with my help!”).  My poor, little ADD puppy.

She’s still a little monkey turd.  I swear she’s deliberately choosing not to be completely housebroken.  She taunts me – doing so well that I think she’s *finally* got it – but then she’ll go and prove me wrong. Though sometimes I think she poops in the house just so she can have a snack.  Yep, she’s a poop eater!  So lovely – particularly since I often discover she’s gone in the house when she comes running up to me and tries to give me kisses with poopy mouth.  (I bet all of you want to meet her now, don’t you?!?!)  She’s SO LUCKY she’s so damn cute and charming.  Yes, she’s VERY charming.  It’s hard not to be smile at the sheer joy and enthusiasm she projects.thank Dog. photography | dallas, tx

But, enough about the trivialities… Miss Bird had a seizure the other day.  Actually, she’s had two that I know of.  The first was in class – it lasted maybe 3-4 seconds.  I wasn’t sure what it was – it wasn’t a grand mal seizure so she didn’t stiffen up and fully convulse like you typically think. I thought/hoped it was just her weirding out – so I didn’t really worry about it.  But, a few days ago, she was snuggled up to me in bed when she suddenly pulled away and stumbled toward the edge of the bed.  She had her head cocked fairly dramatically to the side, and was snapping at the air.  I called to her but she seemed oblivious to me, and she peed a little.  The whole episode again lasted only a few seconds (this time maybe 6-7), but it was enough for me to know that something wasn’t right.  These episodes weren’t just weird-outs. So, I called the vet (and then spent the time before our appointment googling – rarely a good idea when it comes to medical issues).  Based on my description, the vet confirmed it sounded like a small seizure.  It might be epilepsy – but it might not be as there are a number of things that can cause seizures, some scarier than others.  Blood was drawn – though, as predicted, everything looked normal.  Apart from the seizures, she looks and acts perfectly healthy.   My vet has a call in to a canine neurologist to check that there isn’t something he’s not thinking of that he should check for.

For now, we just watch and wait.  She could grow out of it.  If she doesn’t and continues to seize, well, my credit cards will likely end up even more maxed out than they currently are as the cause is determined (if possible).

Ginger Allen - Ah, I love following lil’Miss Birdie, as well as all of your canine creatures, and praying all things turn out for the good with Birdie’s seizures. I have a mini schnauzer, Daisy, not quite a year old that needs kindergarten badly. She’s my baby so I let her off the hook to many times, maybe it’s me who needs classes. Well, do know I will keep you, Birdie and the rest of you in my prayers~! God bless the DOGS~!!

debbie - Thanks, Ginger. I think all puppy training is really training us (and I, too, let my dogs get away with way too much!).

Paige Ann - She is so stinkin cute!!! I know how that works against us. 🙂 Miss Birdie is in our thoughts here. Hoping it is nothing too serious or that she will grow out of the seizures.

Beth - She’s so cute! I hope her seizures turn out to be nothing too serious!

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