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mischka & charlie | dallas cat photography

After suddenly and tragically losing their cat, Argyle, my friends enlisted me to photograph their remaining kitties.  Cats definitely require a different way of working than the dogs – some can be somewhat bribed with catnip and feathery toys, but, for the most part, you have to work according to their rules.  Luckily, neither Mischka nor Charlie are hide-under-the-furniture-and-hiss type of cats (like my Harley), so I was able to pretty much just stalk them around the home.  But the shoot was not without its challenges. The home where I photographed the cats has limited natural light – there are spots with lovely light, but cats can be tough to corral… and Mischka’s jet black.  So, I used my flash for pretty much the entire session, something I very rarely do – hopefully it looks natural?!!?

Anyway, on with the show…  Mischka, the black cat, has been around forever.  While friendly, she’s not overly playful, generally preferring the lounging lifestyle.  She does perk up for a few minutes when presented with a fresh catnip toy though.  Or a mirror in which to admire herself.

thank Dog. photography | dallas, txthank Dog. photography | dallas, txthank Dog. photography | dallas, tx

And Charlie, the world’s most genius tomcat.  Charlie wandered his way into the Hollywood Heights neighborhood and encountered plenty of neighbors happy to leave food out for him, to love on him, and even to vet him (I may have my story wrong, but I believe two different sets of neighbors took Charlie in to be neutered – obviously, the second set had a cheaper vet bill!).  Renee and Adam’s house was one of those welcoming spots.  Over the brutal summer, Charlie began spending more and more time inside the home – and since Argyle’s death, he’s pretty much become a permanent member of the family.  He sleeps with their little girl, or dozes in the TV room or master bedroom — but he also still has outdoor privileges (he actually followed me out, giving me one last over-the-shoulder pose before heading out for his afternoon walk-about).  In fact, he was perhaps a little more laid back than normal the day I visited — his daily hunt was complete, and he had a full belly.

Leanne - Holy sheeeeeeeesh woman these are immense!!! Even though you’ve told me you’ve used flash I’m having a seriously hard time to notice it. Ace ace ace!!

Debbie - Thanks, Leanne! I bounced the flash and didn’t have it at full power – but I’m glad to know it’s not obvious!

Renee - Debbie, you continue to amaze me. Not only are these phenomenal photographs in their own right, but you captured both Mischka and Charlie as I see them every day. It looks so effortless and natural, but I can assure you that my own attempts to photograph the cats in many of the same spots has never come close to your images. (Oh, and you remembered the double-vet trip correctly!)

Kelly - These pics almost make me like cats : ) Great job!

V.Schweiss - Beautiful images.

Rhianne - you’ve captured them both so well! Great photos, as always

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