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state fair of texas

The 2011 State Fair of Texas just wound up.  It’s a three week event, and has to be the greatest state fair in the world.  Obviously.   Anyway, this year,DFW Rescue Me, coupled with Dallas Animal Services, had a tent set up inside the Fair.  It was a huge success – over 150 dogs found forever homes, with more likely to come as applications continue to be processed.  I took the chihuahuas up there a few times, and, not surprisingly, the babies were a hit.  So much so that one of the DFW Rescue Me volunteers fell in love with Mr. Frankie and took him home.  I’ve since received a bunch of interest in Freddy and Pinky, so they may too have new homes soon.  Here’s Pinky working the kissing booth…

thank Dog. photography | dallas, tx

Last weekend while the boys were working it at the tent, I wandered around a bit with my camera.  Though the Fair has an impressive midway, filled with games and rides, and a cholesteroltastic food alley (overheard:  “this chicken fried bacon is good, but could really use some cream gravy”), I’m always partial to the animals.  I’m a born and bred Texan, but totally a city girl so I find the livestock and ranching areas fascinating.  Some pretty magnificent creatures.  Every year the large “petting zoo” type area has me yearning for a baby goat (so cute!).  Because it was the last weekend of the month-long Fair, the area was thinned out as some of the ranchers had headed home.  Even so, I watched a few minutes of sheep judging (actually judging the animals – just like a dog show) and a little cattle judging (I think it was a junior handler competition).  Anyway, I did a super quick and dirty edit on the photos – nothing spectacular, but an insight into a part of Texas I don’t often get to see or experience.

Lastly, thank Dog. is going to be set up at the West Village Trot and Treat on Saturday.  It was a super fun event last year — come by and see us!

Becky - Ahhh, the Texas State Fair. As corn as it is, Ryan and I have the TSF on our “someday” list–it’s the only one big enough to rival Minnesota’s. (And we have a maple sauce for our chicken fried gravy.) — Fantastic photos, Deb!

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