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I love greyhounds.  They’re something so unique about them – they’re elegant, gentle, sweet… and typically so laid back it’s hard to imagine a lot of them have racing backgrounds.

Both Shane and J.J. are rescued racers (you may be able to just see the tattoos in their ears in a few shots).  Shane fits the stereotypical greyhound to a T – he’s like an old soul, unassuming, docile, daddy’s little boy, and the perfect therapy dog.   His new baby brother, J.J.?  Not so much.  J.J. played fetch, removed every single toy from my bag, one by one, and even was game for a little tug-of-war (though he is still a bit of a baby, at only 18 months old).

thank Dog. photography | dallas dog photography

Greyhounds’ builds are fascinating to me – those huge, powerful hind legs, the long skinny toes, the nose stuck onto the end of the snout, the long neck leading into the small head…  And, of course, the fully-retractable ears.

You probably notice the leashes in some of these shots… I can remove them (and will), but didn’t for blogging purposes.  I frequently am asked about leashes – a lot of the dogs you see on here were leashed.  Not all – some have solid command and we were in a safe environment – but quite a few.  For example – Bear is rarely leashed, but Belle almost always is (she’s my stubborn little troublemaker).  I have some really long leads that I bring with me so if you’re interested in the action shots or the like, it’s still possible with a dog that needs to be leashed.

Karen - I absolutely LOVE the smiling dog picture with the squint eyes!!

Lily - Darling shot with Dad and Shane! These are terrific, Debbie.

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