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finley jane

I love when dogs bring you presents when you arrive at their home – it’s always a good sign that the session is going to be a fun one.  When I first walked in, Sweet Finley Jane pranced to greet me with a red Elmo toy in her mouth – and sure enough, the session was a blast.  Finley’s a golden girl through and through — and very loyal to her ball and friends.  She was quite possibly the easiest dog I’ve worked with when it came to getting the ears pricked forward — all it took was the mention of one of her doggie BFF’s names and she perked right up excitedly (how cute is that?!).

She is a golden so you know there was always a ball nearby.

The session was a surprise birthday gift for Finley’s mom, Beth, from Finley’s favorite aunt.  Apparently Beth is quite good at sniffing out surprises so we had the session a few months before the big day while she was out of town (even then, phones went ignored for fear she’d hear the camera shutter!).   So happy belated birthday to Beth and good luck on the move to Oregon!!

Shauna (Fido & Wino) - She has such animated expressions! Super cute!

Briana - That crooked smile in the triptych is the greatest! What a one in a million shot! 🙂

Stephanie - Love the second shot! Goldens are just the best 🙂

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