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On Friday, I went out to Toothacres and met up with some of the Paws in the City long-timers.  Several of these guys have been looking for new homes — foster or forever — for months, all the while being boarded.  While they’re safe and well-cared for, they’re not getting the love and attention that they deserve.  A few of these kids need to be the only child, but all of them are sweet as can be.

First up – the very aptly-named staffie, Tank.  Love Tank.  He’s a big softie and will try to crawl his way into your lap to smother you with kisses.  And the boy IS a tank, a ton of muscle packed into a short-legged body.  He plays well with others — he spent most of the adoption event on Saturday looking for a chance to wrestle with his buddy, Otto (who will be in an upcoming post).

Sweet Baby James.  He’s been around for a long time.  He’s fantastic with people – very gentle, smart, sweet – but he does need to be an only child from what I understand.  Of the dogs I met on Friday, James had the best manners by far.

Hoss.  Poor Hoss has been through hell and back.  He’s a big, gentle soul, but is understandably a little reserved.  He’s coming around though and is starting to learn that not all people are bad.

Mighty Minnie.  Sweet little girl – super soft – and an excellent fetcher.  She caused a little stir when we had her out playing — Paws had been told she was already spayed, just before she went into heat.  So she’s scheduled to be spayed (again?) soon.

Big Boy Louie.  Poor Louie has had a myriad of health problems, but those are finally sorted and all that’s left is to put a little more weight on him.  He’s an enthusiastic boy – a puppy in a very big boy suit.  And he has no problem covering you with big, sloppy, dane kisses.

Miss Lisa.  She’s a focused little girl, a bundle of energy.  Very playful, affectionate, and busy.

Dempsey, Dempsey, Dempsey.  He’s an independent boy that looks a little intimidating, but isn’t.  He’s graduated from a basic obedience training class and is just hoping someone will fall in love with his jumbo ears and take him home.

If you’re looking for a dog – or know anyone who is – please check out Paws in the City.  They have a bunch of really great dogs that would be eternally grateful to have a new home and a family to love.

Leanne - So, seems like the bull breed issue is much the same in U.S as it is over here – so sad, yet again completely fabulous dogs are left without homes for themselves – hope these guys have a lucky year <3

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