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Update on the Little Boy (a.k.a. Cash, Cashew, Lumpy, Boxer Boy & New Dog)

So it’s been three months since Cash showed up on my doorstep.  He’s finally almost healthy (wounds healed, neutered, fatty cyst removed, hookworm treated, heartworm treated, and vaccinated) and is officially ready for adoption (through Legacy Boxer Rescue).  It’s going to be VERY hard for me to let him go — and I’m going to be picky about where he ends up — but I think it’s best for all of us.  I know Belle thinks it is.  In another week or so – when the heartworm treatment is complete – I’ll be introducing him to some new situations, etc. to see how he does so I can better know what type of home will be best for him (for example, I would think he’d be great with kids – but I’ve never seen him with any).

Things I love about Cash:

1.  He’s stackable.  Both he and Bear compete for the spot next to/on my lap during TV time.  Since it’s always been Bear’s spot, I tend to let Bear win.  But now – problem solved.  Cash just lays directly on top of Bear. (My boy is a saint.)

2.  He’s a tenor.  I’ll admit, the singing can drive me a little crazy every once in the while, but it more often makes me smile.

3.  He contorts his body into a complete circle when he’s happy.  Not just a kidney bean.

4.  He charms the hell out of everyone he meets.  When my sister was home for Christmas, I asked her to rank the Dallas family dogs (it’s a thing we do).  She asked if “New Dog” was really going to find a new home — because he was #1 if he was staying [knocking Bear down a peg].  My pest control guy stayed an extra 15 minutes, playing with and loving on him.

5.  He’s ridiculously patient and tolerant with me and my camera (watch the slideshow – you’ll agree).

6.  He’s really responsive to me.  He’s not perfectly trained, but he certainly understands the “eh eh” sound (and pays attention to it!).   He sits and stays well, but we’re still working on down.

7.  He’s cute.  Maybe not in the traditional sense, but come on, he’s cute.  And he’s remarkably soft.

8.  He’s an A+ cuddler.  Really loves nothing more.  Will happily doze on me, Bear, or any soft surface.

9.  He’s been so good while having some crappy stuff done to him.  Not only is his background unknown (he definitely belonged to someone but they never made any effort to look for him), but he was chewed up when I found him and has since had surgery (neuter and the cyst removal left about 20-25 staples) and heartworm treatment.  And he’s never been anything but sweet.

10.  He’s lazy.  I know most boxers are pretty high energy dogs, but he’s really not.  Or at least he hasn’t been yet. Maybe once he’s fully and completely 100%, the energy level will pick up – but now, he’s perfectly content to laze around.  Though he does demand a bed or sofa.

I’ve taken a lot of photos of Cash since he found me (that’s an understatement).  I put together a LONG slideshow (there seem to be a ton of singing photos) — if you’re interested in seeing his transformation, click here.

Chris - It will be tough. What a charmer and what a heroine you are. It wouldn’t be too bad for him to stay…

Claire - awww, he is too cute not to find a fabulous home! i love the color in that shot.

Tiffany - I want this pup! He looks just like the one i had when i was younger. LBR won’t accept my application becuase i don’t live in Dallas. I live in Ohio. 🙁

lollydo - Just saw a picture Cash on flickr and wondered how he is doing? We have a female white boxer and two mixed dogs, so the love and snuggling describe in your post made me laugh.

Debbie - He’s doing really well. He’s an only child in his new home, but he has somebody at home with him a lot during the day. They’ve kept me in the loop with his antics and I can confidently say he’s spoiled but not rotten! I still miss him though!

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