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it’s been a long dog week

First, Bear does his best stunt double impersonation.  

Then, Belle decides she needs to join the club and do something out of character, so she decides to get her paws on my Pei Wei (my fault, but I honestly think this is the first time she’s ever stolen food – something about some good potstickers was too much to resist, I guess).  Fast forward through a few days of diarrhea (including on my bed – eww with a capital EW).  I had hoped it would just work it’s way through her system and we’d be done with it, but since it hadn’t gone away and last night’s looked like it had some blood in it, we went to the vet first thing this morning.  I went with a big fluffy black dog.  I came home with a big fluffy black hunchback dog (she’s fasting for 24 hours so the vet gave her a liter of subcutaneous fluids to make sure she stays hydrated) with various medications.  Hopefully the Pei Wei is all it is, though I keep having recurring nightmares that she’s managed to eat something else and get it lodged in her intestines (the vet didn’t think this was likely as she was not particularly tender).

So the sicky hunchback is dozing on the couch.  I tried to get a shot of the hump before it was absorbed, but I was largely unsuccessful.  It doesn’t really show up in photos because of her fur and solid color – though you can kind of see it on her left shoulder area in this one (it’s fallen down one side a bit).


I just checked Belle again before posting this and it seems the hump is now becoming more of a goiter.  It’s moved around and is lower and on the side.

And now Bear’s stomach is doing some serious gurgling.  Please don’t let it be anything.

Claire - oh no! poor belle! i know how that goes, though; seems like just when you get one dog squared away, something’s wrong with the other one. yeesh!

nick - Hope they are both alright!..

Jennie - Awww poor Belle! Keeping all of you in my thoughts. And kudos for not losing your mind during the pooped-in bed incident. Because I can honestly say I would have.

Dot - Oh, you poor thing…and poor pups. Hope everyone is back to normal soon.

Tina - poor poor Belle. did the vet do any xrays?

Debbie - She’s feeling better now – and Bear’s gurgling seemed to be a passing thing.

Tina – no xrays. The vet poked around on her and said she didn’t seem tender, as would be expected with an obstruction — that she seemed to be acting consistent with just an upset stomach. But my instructions were to give her the probiotics, medicine, and special food and watch her – if she didn’t get better pretty quickly, then I was to take her back for xrays. Luckily, that’s seeming unnecessary!

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