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On Saturday, I volunteered at a Paws in the City adoption event.  If you, or anyone you know, is in the market for a dog in the North Texas area, please check out Paws in the City.  They have a lot of great dogs right now (and some kittens), and they are all sweet as can be and in need of a new home.

We were set up outside a Smith & Hawken (which, bummer, is going out of business) — it’s Texas, it’s July, it was HOT.  But plenty of fans, a huge, AWESOME portable cooling unit, and lots of water kept everyone in good shape.

And without further ado, some of the sweet pups looking for their forever home:


Abbey’s a sweet little pointer/collie mix.  She’s very gentle and super eager to please – a real sweetheart.  Plus I love mismatched eyes.


Grace is one of the last of a ginormous litter of twelve.  She’s only about 2 1/2 months old, but she’s super laid-back.  And she has the kind of eyes that make you melt into a little puddle.  Best guess is that she’s got lab and border collie in her.


Sweet Hannah.  She’s a shepherd mix – about 45 pounds – and is just a love bug.  She’s actually crawling – literally – to me in the shot on the right.  She got to me, and showered me with lots of kisses.  Because that’s the kind of girl she is.


Big Harvey, an American bulldog (?), with his guardian angel, who found him running loose and headed toward the highway.  He’s a little over a year old now and is a big teddy bear and another big kisser.  Another adorable set of mismatched eyes!  (Though a common problem with the white dogs, Harvey’s hearing and eyesight are fine.)  


Cute little Pee-Wee.  A min-pin (?) mix, Pee-Wee never met a stranger.  He’s got personality to spare and some fabulous flying ears.  Seriously, look at those ears.


Shiloh may have found a home today!  She’s one of Grace’s sisters and is just as sweet as can be.  Her foster dad was a little devastated she may have already found a home — he can’t keep her permanently, but he was secretly hoping he’d have a little more time with her.


Razzle dazzle Sparkle has the best markings ever – I love the silvery salt-and-pepper streak down her chest and on her two front feet.  Best guess is that she’s a border collie/heeler mix – so she’s got smarts to go along with the flashy wardrobe and gorgeous grin.


The humorously-named Teacup is a big baby.  She’s gorgeous – beautiful eyes and coloring.  She’s a big girl, but I’m pretty sure she’s convinced herself that she’s a lap dog.  And she’s not stingy with the kisses. 


Toby’s one of those stories that breaks your heart.  Somebody had chained this (not-so-little) chihuahua to a post for so long that the chain started to grow into his neck.  With a lot of love and affection from his foster mom, Toby’s coming out of his shell and is trusting people again.  In fact, if I hadn’t heard about his background, I’d have never guessed.


Tucker.  Pure puppy.  A lab/boxer mix, Tucker’s happy, playful, clumsy, mischievous, and full of himself.  As a puppy should be.


And there’s always one…  All the dogs are sweet and loving and adorable, but there’s usually one that jumps out at me.  It’s typically a puppy that draws me (who can resist a puppy?), but this time it was a two year old.  For those that know me and my dogs, it may be obvious why I had such a hard time not bringing Beau home with me.  


He’s a two year old newfoundland mix — mixed with what, I have no idea (he’s only about 65 pounds).  But he has the full newfie personality — he had no problem charming everyone in sight.  Set up near the crates was a table with t-shirts, bandanas, and dog toys for sale.  As soon as Beau was taken out of his crate for a walk, he marched right over to the tub of toys and selected a hippo.  And he held onto it for the rest of the afternoon – marching around, hippo in his mouth.  Loved, loved, loved him.


And just one more of Beau for good measure.  I really hope he’s adopted before the next event – I don’t need another dog, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to resist if I see him again!  (And he even fits my unintentional pattern – Bear, Belle, Beau?) 


Dot - Oh, my…I think you need to bring him home with you! He’s the perfect counterpart to Belle and Bear! He makes me think of my old Angus – except for the white spots. 😉

Dot - Oh…and all of the photos are stunning – you’ve captured their eyes so wonderfully! I got so wrapped up in writing about Beau, I forgot to send compliments on the pics!

Becky (rksquared) - Great pics, Debbie. I didn’t even have to read what you had to say about Beau, as soon as I saw his picture I knew he was the one that got to you! What a cutie (and a “small” dog for your household).

april - Beautiful images! What sweet faces… I hope they all find homes very soon. I can totally see why you fell for Beau, he looks like such a sweetheart. Three dogs sounds like a nice group… 😉

leesia - hope these babies find homes soon! grace’s eyes are irresistible.

Kathleen Moore - I am not certain how Paws in the City found Debbie at Thankdog Photography,but we are so very grateful to her time and talents she has devoted these last two weeks at our adoption events. These photos are incredible!! To capture a professional photo and place it on our website can only help to save more lives. Who can resist at least wanting to meet some of these sweet faces and possibly adopt. Thank you so much Debbie!

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