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My style is relaxed, natural, artistic, and, above all, FUN! 

I shoot dogs being themselves, in hopes of capturing what makes each unique and special.  During a typical shoot, I start off making friends (or some dogs - and cats - that's super easy but others take a little time to warm up) and getting your pet used to the camera and the sounds that come from it.  (I'm not above bribes - I come well-equipped with a bag full of delicious and healthy treats, as well as balls, ropes and squeaky toys.  But if your dog has a favorite treat or toy, definitely bring it!)  Before long, most dogs forget the camera is there -- which is my goal! 

I get down and dirty, spending large amounts of the session on my knees, rear, and stomach.  The sessions generally run around two hours, and by the end of the shoot, I'm usually exhausted and filthy - but I've hopefully captured some great images of your dog.  And your pup will likely sleep well that night!

I think natural light is best so I prefer to shoot with available light, which means that outdoors is generally preferable (though sometimes weather and time of day can play a factor).  Mornings and early evening have the best light -- not to mention the lower temperatures in summer.  I will work with you to find the best possible time and spot for the session.  If the weather is not cooperating and I don't feel comfortable that I will be able to get quality shots, we'll postpone your shoot for a better day.