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I love dogs.  We always had them when I was growing up -- usually big ones -- and I can't imagine life without them.  Who doesn't love dogs?  What's not to love?  Big, small, furry, scruffy, lazy, crazy... love them all. 

My interest in photography began with Beau.  Beau was our family's big, goofy, ball-obsessed golden.  I loved being able to capture his big personality in a photo. That's my style - natural, in-the-moment photos that capture a dog's essence.  If you're looking for a formal studio shot, I'm not the photographer for you.

I currently live with three pups and two cats: Belle, a 12 year old supermodel Newfoundland who is the princess of the house; Bear, a 13 year old, one-earred mutt who is the ultimate velcro dog; Birdie, a full-on crazy 6 year old border collie; and Biggie and Smalls, a pair of temperamental tabby cats I found in the bushes in front of my house as tiny babies.

Oh, and my name is Debbie.