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two is easier than one…

But three is definitely more trouble than two.

Puppies, of course.  Since  the little fuzzy girl is already spoken for (she’ll go to her new home tomorrow night assuming the meet and greet with her future sister goes as expected), I brought another sibling home from the adoption event yesterday, this time one of the sable-colored ones (half are sable, and the other half are black & brown, with two being tri-colored).  Having two at a time really is much easier than one as they happily keep each other company, chew on each other, sleep piled up on each other, etc…  They still do all that with three, but it’s definitely harder to manage them (and the messiness seems to grow exponentially).

Meet Buster, the big boy of the bunch (I’ve also been calling him “Moose”).  He’s a sweet, gentle, fuzzy, cuddly, calm teddy bear of a boy.  At yesterday’s event, he was definitely the most popular (excluding the little girl, who is just ridiculous, made even more so when she sleeps perfectly curled up in the water bowl… when there is still water in it).  Everybody wanted to hold and snuggle with Buster – just look at his sweet face!

thank Dog. photography | dallas, tx

Expect more photos in the near future!

If you are interested in possibly adopting the big lug [mom’s about 40 lbs or so, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Buster wound up at 50-60 lbs… but who knows?], please contact me or DFW Rescue Me.

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