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a little dude

I love this kid.  He cracks me up.

Liam (and his parents) used to live in Dallas, but they moved to Pittsburgh a few years ago.  They came back in town this past weekend for a friend’s wedding (congratulations, Amy & Greg!) so we got to play.  I only get to see Liam about once a year now that they’ve moved, but he remembers me.  Or, more accurately, he remembers my dogs.  After they landed in Dallas on Friday, they saw a woman walking a Great Dane and another big dog – Liam’s response was “I can’t wait to see Debbie!”  (So, yes, my status as the crazy (big) dog lady is official.)  It’s amazing how fast they grow up — Liam was just a toddler when they left Dallas, barely talking.  Now he’s a real boy.  Who was a big fan of the “toot balloon” (a.k.a. whoopee cushion) that I just *happened* to have with me…  (You’re welcome, Kelly!)

I met up with Liam and his mom at a local park for a little play time.  I had my camera with me and took a few snapshots of the little dude.  I also brought Bear — I usually bring Belle because she’s so good in crowds and with strangers, but decided I’d give Bear a chance.   After he settled down a bit, he was fine – but, admittedly, not particularly outgoing.  He’s not quite sure what to make of little kids.  Though after a little while, he did decide Liam was okay and let Liam walk him around and hug on him.

Aww…. I was just about to post this when I got an email from Kelly (Liam’s mom).  Liam wrote me a love note on the plane home yesterday.  And back at home asked, “Can we see Belle next time?”

Dad - I still don’t understand why you don’t include children to your photography passion. These as great, and follow the same “natural” look you capture in dogs.

Amy - Fabulous pics, Debbie!!!

Shawn - Great pictures Debbie! Can’t believe how big Liam has gotten! He is a little boy now. What a cutie!

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