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bruiser (aka doolittle)

This past week I puppysat Bruiser (he came to my house as “Doolittle” but I have an admitted problem calling dogs by their actual names) while his foster was out of town.  He is technically available for adoption through DFW Rescue Me, but I should advise that I think he has at least a couple applications on him, with a home visit scheduled for tomorrow.

Bruiser’s a 12 week (or so) old lunk of a pup.  He’s already around 30 pounds and is just a tank of a dog.  We think he might have some newfie in him, mainly due to his size and his fully-webbed paws (not to mention his love of the waterbowl).  He’s definitely not as fluffy as baby Belle was – his fur is in the process of changing from puppy to more grown-up fur – right now it sort of reminds me of a short undercoat (without a top coat).  So… who knows!  What I can say for him… he’s very confident (he fit right in here), very dog-friendly (he and Birdie were fast BFFs), in the midst of a chewing stage with his sharp needle-like teeth (ouch), and quite food-motivated (serious piglet).  He wasn’t very snuggly while here, but I think that’s probably mostly due to Birdie (the only downtime was crate time).

He went back to his foster home today, and Birdie is already missing her new favorite toy.  The house is definitely much more quiet and still since he left.


He’s a really good “little” dog, and is going to make someone a great new buddy!

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