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devil dog

Lil’ Birdie’s growing like a weed and becoming more and more mischievous.  I posted about this on facebook but in case you didn’t see it — Birdie is an outlaw.  A dangerous wanna-be felon.  An arsonist.

Last week, I was blowdrying my hair when I heard a loud “pop”.  When I came out of the bathroom to investigate, I smelled smoke.  Turns out the little angel had peed on a surge protector, causing it to short out, smoke billowing out, sparks and flames flying.  I had a moment of panic, but, luckily, I was able to kick the fiery protector far enough to the side that I could unplug it.  Crisis narrowly averted, despite Birdie’s best efforts to burn the house down.

She’s growing up fast – she’s nearly 20 pounds now – and she’s still so very full of herself.  She’s pretty hilarious and endearing – an unintentional clown.  She gets SO excited to meet new people and dogs that she can just barely contain herself.  She’s officially won the big kids over – bitey-face with Belle is a new favorite game.  And her ears…. I never know what they’re going to look like.  A couple weeks ago she was wearing them folded up over each other on top of her head (not her best look), the next week they were both standing up. This week? Back down.

I’m looking for a puppy kindergarten class – preferably at a place that also has agility classes that we could work our way up to.  Any suggestions??  She definitely needs to learn some manners in how she interacts with other dogs – mine are letting her get away with murder.

Charlotte Reeves - Birdie is gorgeous! What a pretty face. She couldn’t possibly be naughty… could she? Haha.

Heather - Oh my goodness, she looks so much like my baby did when she was little!!! 🙂

Beth - Oh my gosh, she’s still so adorable!

Debbie - Yes, she could very possibly be naughty. Very naughty. She’s just lucky she’s as cute as she is so she can get away with it! I knew she was going to be a handful, but I have to admit, I did not anticipate a firestarter.

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