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rest in peace, ocho

Sweet Ocho passed away on Monday, a little over a week after our session.  The girl had a long, good 14 years, but finally succumbed to aggressive bone cancer.  Though she had signs of the advanced cancer at our session the prior weekend, she was still bright-eyed and alert and you could totally see the puppy still in her (she definitely knew where the treats were coming from!).  At one point, she limped over to my bag – I assumed she was looking for more treats, but no, she pulled out a tennis ball.  Turns out the old girl is a pretty big fan.  Balls have understandably been hidden around her house for the past few months as her condition deteriorated, but we managed a little game of catch and drop without her having to move around.  A little heartbreaking, but so sweet to see her light up in joy and know she had a good day that day.

A daddy’s girl through and through, she’s desperately missed.


Rest in peace, sweet Ocho.

Beth - She looks like a real sweetie! I know these photos will help those that love her.

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