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jet, the foster monkey

Since Rosie (now Bella Rose) was adopted a couple weeks ago, Jet’s personality has really come out.  He’s a happy, busy, spirited, snuggly lab puppy.  And he’s managed to do the seemingly impossible – he’s won over Belle.  Sure, she barks and snarls at him – but her tail gives her away (that slow happy wag).  Well, that and the stampede that goes through the house a few times a day – typically in order of size (Jet followed by Bear followed by Belle) – followed by Jet’s parkour/keepaway exercise (jumping on sofa, off and onto chair, off and onto other chair, off and back to sofa – all the while dodging the big dogs).   He can push it a bit much with Belle when they all get riled up – but luckily, that’s where St Bear comes in.  He steps directly between them and alternates between wresting Jet and grooming Belle.  It’s pretty remarkable to see.  (Though, since Belle barks during the entire game, it does get less fun for me as time goes on.)  Anyway, it still amazes me to glance over and see Jet chewing on Belle’s tail.  The wrestling games with Bear are no surprise – nor is the jumping on his back or nipping at his ankles – but the chewing on Belle’s jowls? That privilege had been reserved for Bear only up to now.

He likes everybody – but he LOVES other dogs.  LOVES.  He desperately wants to play with every pup we meet.  He’s still learning the signals – he doesn’t seem to comprehend the idea that another dog might not want to play back.  I mean c’mon – it’s so fun!  And he’s so cute.  Right now, he’s all legs – it’s hard to know how big he’ll end up, but right now, I’d guesstimate around 60 lbs.   He’s also quite smart – teaching him to sit for his treats, dinner and stick (his favorite toy) was remarkably easy.  And as playful as the little monkey is, he’s just as snuggly.  He has the typical puppy play hard, crash hard, and he prefers the crashing be done on the sofa snuggled up with me.  Which makes me swoon, particularly when he chases bunnies in his sleep.

So – all this to say – Jet reeeeaaallly needs to get adopted – ASAP.  Seriously, the longer he’s here, the more trouble!  Assuming the weather cooperates, we’ll be a Pet Supplies Plus on Mockingbird on Saturday – come by and see us!

thank Dog. photography | dallas, tx

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Marjorie - Dear Debbie,

Oh my gosh, the bigger Gilligan (the runt of the litter, and the last one along with Jet to still be adopted) gets, the more he looks like Jet! And you JUST described Gilligan’s personality to a T. Gilligan’s sister Mary Ann (his best friend) was adopted last weekend — the family wanted both of them, but found that Gilligan was “too active.” (They’re Lab puppies, for goodness’ sake!) So he’s back in our house, but oh, I’m kinda glad. One of my 2 dogs doesn’t care for him (Corgi, grumpy), but I’ve noticed a thawing the last couple of days, to the point where they can actually walk within 2 feet of each other without the Corgi growling and snapping at him. Victory!

Unlike Jet, Gilligan was pretty lost without Mary Ann the first couple of days. He was super-happy-go-lucky before, but he’s been a bit subdued and looking a little lost since she left. But the last couple of days, he’s slowly coming out of his shell again, and the 3 are starting to play more. He really needs to be adopted ASAP because I’m really loving him way too much for my own good.

I’ll have to send you a pic because the resemblance is uncanny. Gilligan didn’t look much like Jet when they were really small, but now they could almost pass for twins.

Crossing fingers that Jet is adopted! Gilligan will be at an adoption event tomorrow, too!


Debbie - The other girl that came to DFW Rescue Me is also still available – the adoption fell through. She’s in the midst of a massive growth spurt (poor Robyn cannot feed her enough!) – she’s still smaller than Jet, but gaining.

I think Jet would have been really lost without Rosie as well – if not for Bear. I sometimes joke that I should rent him out as a professional puppy socializer! And now, since Jet’s won Belle over, he’s pretty much had the run of the house when I’m home, hanging out with us, so he hasn’t really had a chance to miss her too much. (Speaking of Rosie, she came by the event last weekend but I hadn’t arrived yet. I heard, though, that she had a pretty new pink rhinestone collar on and was on her way to go fishing at the lake with her new dad and brother. She’s got it good!)

Marjorie - That’s so funny because the girl you’re talking about was actually the BIGGEST of the litter! We called her Major precisely because of that. (We called Jet “Minor” because he was like a smaller, male version of her.) So it’s funny that she’s going through a growth spurt again! The poor thing – I was there at that particular adoption event when her potential adopter was filling out the paperwork. She just kept talking about how calm she was, how sweet and all that. All of which is true – Major was always the most laidback of the litter. I’m sorry that it didn’t work out. Maybe we should all go for a playdate sometime!

My husband and I were talking about having you take pics of us and our dogs once our last foster has been adopted (Gilligan). You take such amazing shots, and I would love to see some really good ones of our “family.” Do we just email you for an appointment?


Debbie - Aww… thank you! Yep, just email me and we can set something up!

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