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jet & rosie | dfw rescue me

So I’m fostering puppies for DFW Rescue Me again.  Black labs (maybe mixes? their mom looks to be a pure bred, but dad’s a deadbeat so we don’t know), who are now about 10 weeks and growing like weeds.  I have a boy (Jet – all black) and a girl (Rosie – white markings).  If they are mixes, I don’t know what with – they’re very labby.

This hasn’t been the easiest fostering stint – I briefly had four of these guys while a different foster could be found for two… and they had “upset” tummies.  Four growing lab puppies with uneasy digestive tracts = not fun for me.  I was actually awakened early one morning by smell….  my new least favorite way to wake up.  Luckily though all those issues have been resolved.

It’s funny – the other sets of puppies I have fostered have had very different and distinct personalities.  These guys are very similar to each other (when I had all four, I pretty much had to pick them up to tell which was which).  They’re smart – not housebroken yet, but they VERY quickly learned to sit for their food (they are little piglets so food is definitely a very strong motivator!).

thank Dog. photography | dallas, tx

They’re typical, goofy lab babies – though *relatively* calm.  Big fans of toys though.

And each other.  Both are pretty confident and will follow Bear – and Belle – around.  Though neither has figured out how to actually play with Bear.

They’re available for adoption (they’ll be ready for their new homes in about 1 1/2 weeks) – if you, or someone you know, is interested, please fill out the application at DFW Rescue Me’s website.  I expect them both to find homes very, very quickly!

Marjorie - Howdy! I just wanted to introduce myself. I’m Marjorie, and I’m the one who pulled Lucy and her 8 pups from DAS on behalf of DFW Rescue Me and fostered the latter until they were fully weaned a few weeks ago. I’m soooo happy to see Jet and Rosie (whom I had named Minor and Audrey 😉 so wonderfully healthy and BIG!

The rescue group I usually foster for have the other 4, and only one of them looks very Lab. The other 3 look like Border Collie mixes, maybe even a little Dalmatian. Lucy clearly got around. 😉 I’m sure you heard, but the other 2 (Luke and Leia) went to home visits this weekend after Saturday’s adoption event at Southlake’s Three Dog Bakery. I had Lucy there as well, and boy, the pups were very popular! And Lucy herself went on a home visit last night, and from what Jim tells me, it looks very promising. So all’s well!

I know what you mean about the similar personalities. Leia was actually the biggest of the bunch, but Jet wasn’t too far behind after just the first couple of weeks, so I usually had to pick them up to identify them, too!

Thank you soooo much for taking such good care of them. I wondered what happened to the 4 after I gave them to Jim and was so happy to see your pics on Facebook. They’re absolutely gorgeous, and I don’t doubt that they’ll be adopted very soon!


Marjorie - Oh, and p.s. I don’t think Lucy’s a purebred as she’s quite small for a Lab (only about 55 lbs.) and has a bit of white on her chest and back paws. However, she’s clearly majority Lab, as her sweet, lovely face looks very Lab. And of course, she has the same gentle, playful personality as a Lab!

Debbie - Hi Majorie- Thanks for doing such a great job with them! I don’t know how you did it with all 8, especially as they grew up. They are getting huge – they’re actually pretty much exactly the same size right now (I did the very sketchy weigh myself and then weigh myself holding them thing yesterday and they were both 15 1/2 pounds). I’m surprised three of the others are less labby. I can see dalmation as a distinct possibility – the size/shape is not that different from a lab and it would explain the white markings. I don’t see border collie in these guys though – they definitely don’t have the coat. Different baby daddies, I suppose.
I heard the other two were adopted at their first event – can’t say I’m surprised! Hope the app on Lucy works out as well.

Marjorie - Hi, Debbie! Honestly, I don’t know how we did it either, but I’m so glad that we did. I feel like they’re my kids in a way – I’m so proud of how healthy and big they are, how much they’ve grown!

One of the other pups looks quite a bit like Jet. I’ll have to send you a pic. If you visit Take Me Home Pet Rescue’s Facebook page and click on the Photo Album, you can check out pics of Lucy and her other pups: Gilligan, Mary Ann, Peyton, and Bradley. Peyton and Bradley in particular look the least Lab-like. Peyton is a gorgeous little thing (girl) who folks think look part border collie.

Mary Ann is just a long, leggy and striking dog with big, Daschund-like ears. I can stare at her all day. If she were human, she’d probably be a supermodel.

I haven’t heard anything from Jim about Lucy, so I’m hoping that that’s good news! If not, she’ll always have a home here.

Looking forward to hopefully meeting you in person at a Rescue Me event!


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