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happy birthday, bear!

Today was my boy’s 7th birthday.  At his last vet appointment, he was classified a “senior.”  I assume they meant a high school senior because my boy is not getting old.  I won’t allow it.

Anyway, Bear and I went on a little adventure today – just the two of us.  He is such a good boy, always has been, but I think the past couple years he’s become just about perfect.  It’s funny – Belle gets the most love from strangers (she’s so big and fluffy and pretty!), but among friends and family, Bear’s #1.  Sometimes ranking higher than their own dog.  He’s awesome.  He’s my shadow, my pillow, my foot warmer, my protector, my heart dog.

Despite being neutered very early in life, he’s still very much a boy.  Always putting his mark on things (outside only).  That pile of leaves are his now.  All his.

On a side note – I love this time of year.  The light’s soft (well, not really at midday when Bear and I went out – but it’s so nice and soft in the mornings and late afternoons).  And the temperature is infinitely better.  I know most people considering booking a session tend to want to wait for spring or summer, but I think the landscape is just as lovely this time of year.

stacey - So sweet – happy birthday Bear! I think it’s so nice that you went on an adventure together for his special day and got some beautiful shots!

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