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I posted a couple of these on the thank Dog. facebook page a few days ago — if you’re not a fan, why not?!?  You really should be – I often post sneak peeks over there….

Anyway, Harley Cat was largely cooperative during his little mini-photo session, but after he’d had enough, I called Belle and told her to hop up on the bed and lay down (I know “lie down” is grammatically correct, but I’ve always used “lay” with her). And then to put her head down…

I took a few shots that way, and then decided she needed to be under the sheets with her head on the pillow.  So I told her to get up, turn around, and had her lay (lie) down under the sheets (I had to put the sheet over her – she’s good, but not quite that good.  Yet.).  Told her to “over” and “stay” and…

People often say to me that pets must be so hard to photograph since they can’t take direction.  Says who?

[It should be noted that Bear does not take direction as well as Belle.  He tries so hard — he’s really way more worried about pleasing me than she is — but he just doesn’t quite have the smarts the girl does.]

Briana - AWW!!! Love these!! I think Tyson looks so fashionable on my bed too!! Your bedroom looks like a heavenly hotel, btw lady!! 🙂

Gracelyn - I am forever indebted to you for this ifonramiton.

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