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lola and daffy | dfw rescue me

This week is going to be all about some pups up for adoption through DFW Rescue Me (this includes the puppies I promised last week… they’re coming!).  DFW Rescue Me is a new rescue organization, but they’re already going strong.  It is an all volunteer, non profit organization whose goal is to reduce the number of animals euthanized in Dallas, by spaying / neutering, adoption programs and educating about responsible pet ownership.  The founders are some really great people – fun, nice, and you’d be hard pressed to find people more devoted to our four-legged friends.  Anyway – please check them out — via the websitefacebook page, and twitter.

But now to a couple of the fantastic dogs looking for new forever homes…

First – and my favorite – Lola.  I’ve admitted I frequently have a favorite among the dogs up for adoption.  Right now it’s Lola.  Her coloring is so unique – she’s kind of brownish-greyish-silverish-bluish – and she has eyes to melt even the coldest heart.  But, in my opinion, the best thing about her is her cuddliness.  I first met her at Barking Hound Village where she’s hanging out — I went by to photograph her (and Daffy, below).  At one point, I squatted down and little Miss Lola came over, close, and put her head on my shoulder.  This is one of Belle’s tricks (“hug”) and it succeeds in making me melt every time.  The next day, I stopped by an adoption event and took her out of her crate for a few minutes and sat on the ground with her.  And she promptly sat in my lap – but calmly, not in a crazy, frantic, trying-to-be-close-and-cover-you-with-kisses way.  She’s a large lap dog, and she really does it well.

Anyway, I heart Lola.  If only my girl wasn’t such a Mean Girl….

Lola’s best buddy is Daffy.  They really seem like sisters.  They’re about the same size and age, and have quickly become BFFs.  Lola may have the unusual coloring, but Daffy has the cutest freckles across her nose!  She’s a happy, super sweet young girl.

If you – or anyone you know – is interested in adopting (or fostering) either of these girls, please contact DFW Rescue Me.

Leanne - Oh my goodness, the freckles!!! <3 Lola is just stunning – sounds a very special girl!

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