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peanut, the little pom nugget

How cute is this little fluffball?

He’s round.  Seriously, perfectly round.  I was shocked when I picked him up and he was actually quite small – it’s all fur.  And it’s awesome.

Peanut is the vocal one in his pack of four boys.  He’s not a constant yipper – but he’ll let you know when something’s going on.  He perches on the back of the sofa, and from his spot, he can see both the front and back doors and what’s happening in the kitchen.

Hee. Such a cute little nugget o’ fluff.

Charlotte Reeves - Awwww…. he is CUTE! What a cuddly little munchkin! Love the shot of him on the couch looking back around at you..

Brittani - So cute…I just want to snuggle with him! I love the one of him on the hardwood floor, and the last one. Beautiful photos 🙂

Deb - I’m in love with Peanut. 🙂

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