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miss lady bird | available for adoption

So Lady Bird has been here about a week… and, believe it or not, not even a growl or tooth bared from anybody!  I had hoped Lady Bird’s laid-back demeanor and low energy would mean an easy introduction, but it’s been even smoother than I could have hoped.  She has shown little to no interest in Belle (exactly as Belle prefers), but has had a few little play romps with Bear.  Belle usually butts in, and then Lady Bird gets out of the way (my two play rough).  For the most part though, Lady Bird is happy relaxing.  She’s definitely a mellow girl.

She definitely is enjoying being able to lie on the couch.  Even more if you’re on it with her.

A little research (I’m not as knowledgeable about hounds) has led me to believe that she’s a red tick coonhound – also known as an English coonhound.  She appears to have no hang-ups and lets you mess with her as much as you want (I’ve even clipped a couple of her nails).  She’s very affectionate and friendly – and even my cat isn’t particularly bothered by her presence.

She’s not much for balls, but she does seem to love all the ratty stuffies laying around the house.

A little side note: Bear is pretty much the greatest dog in the universe.

I have to admit, she’s a pretty decent model, even if she doesn’t offer up the greatest variety…

She is definitely a scent hound – she’s located several long-ago hidden bones, under couches, behind furniture, etc.

Some people pay a lot of money for imitation hand-scraped wood flooring.  Mine are authenticly paw-scraped.

One last artsy one to show off her pretty markings.

Miss Lady is available for adoption — if you’re interested in this ridiculously sweet, mellow girl, please contact Paws in the City!  If you know somebody who might be, spread the word!

Briana - You are TOO brave!! White walls and baseboards with dogs!! And no visible hairs on them- I’m SO jealous!!! 🙂

Shauna (Fido & Wino) - Look at those eyes- she’s beautiful!

Debbie - Briana – Trust me when I say no one has ever accused me of having no visible hair in my house. There is fur all over this house no matter what I do. And the white? Laziness. Well, that and a shifting house resulting in cracks that need to be fixed before I paint. The bottom 2-3 feet of the walls aren’t near as white as they were when I moved in.

Gary - Tell me about Lady Bird…age, background, etc?



Ruth - I just love all of these! You have to keep her, she’s soooo photogenic!

Anita - Wow, she looks huge!

I’ve recently discovered my love for Coonhounds, and Lady Bird seems like no exception:)

Paula - She is beautiful. I have a female lab and am looking for another dog that is very laid back to help her calm down and to have someone to play with. Can you tell me more about her and the cost of adopting her?

Debbie - Gary/Paula – I’ve asked about her background from some who may know the circumstances, but haven’t heard back yet. I do know she and her two sisters came to Paws at the same time – and none were in terrible shape. I’ve met all three – Annie is still available and is a friendly, more active girl. Blondie was a little scaredy-cat but has been adopted. Paws has her as 3 years old, but if I had to guess, I’d say a year or two older than that. She’s almost as big as my Bear (he’s around 75-80 pounds) so she is a big girl. For information on how to adopt/cost/etc., check out the Paws in the City website (

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