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zeus | gentle giant

Zeus is a big, big mastiff boy and the brother to Miss Lily.  While Lily had lots of energy and an activity-filled day, this was just about the extent of Zeus’s activity….

My kind of pup.

He did do a little posing for treats, though mostly from his reclining position.

Zeus has a Very. Important. Job.  He checks the mail everyday – consider him quality assurance for the US postal service.  We tricked him into thinking it had come so he came trotting out to check.  (It didn’t fool him long, he circled the mailbox once and went right back up to the front porch for another nap.)

He does the same excellent three-legged dog impersonation that my Bear does.  It seems like it would be uncomfortable to have a leg wedged up under you, but I guess not.  Oh, and yes, Zeus creates his own sidewalk art in the summer.

I love the giant working breeds and was thrilled to meet Zeus.  How can you not love the big gentle giants?!?!

Becky - I’m sure you’re not surprised, but I love the drool shot. Big dogs rule! 🙂

jenn - Great images… love the check the mail story. He is quite magestic in stature and movement.

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