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Wow.  Rescue organizations are being overrun right now.  It’s crazy.  Paws in the City has 150+ dogs in their care, not to mention dozens of kitties, and is struggling every day to find ways to pull even more from the euthanasia list.  And they are not alone.

Because the volunteer foster homes are all full, a ton of the Paws dogs are currently staying at Urban Paws in Deep Ellum.   Shooting the puppies there is never particularly easy — I always end up shooting them during mid-afternoon group playtime when the sun happens to be the harshest — but with a couple dozen clamoring for your attention…. well, that’s a lot of dog and a lot of (happy) chaos.  I end up exhausted and absolutely. filthy.  With the crowd there this past time, I was pretty much lucky to get any remotely decent shots – you’ll notice tails and paws of other pups in most of the shots – but I don’t want to take away any of their playtime (I consider my trips over there as much about the dogs getting extra, much-needed human love as the photos).  Plus I figure I have a better chance of capturing their true personalities.  We did go inside to the smaller play areas after a while to cool down, but that’s even more crazy since it’s a smaller area.

You’ll have to excuse me, but with that many dogs and the pure whirlwind they create around me, I’ve lost track of what names go with which dogs.  I can tell you that the following dogs appear in the slideshow (among others):  Sprung, Kaia, Joker, Reese, Blondie, Bruce, Rascal and Terri.

For more information on adopting or fostering any of these guys — as well as many, many others — check out  Paws in the City.

Briana - What about that adoption agency in Ft. Worth? The one who operates out of Petco or Petsmart or whatever? I read an article where they were saying they had amazing adoption rates. Maybe they could help out?
Love the last shot, btw. What great pups. Every. Single. One. 🙂

Stephanie - Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful, beautiful photos. They are so sweet. I reposted your site from Paws in the City on facebook to share with my friends. I am such a believer in adopting rescue dogs over paying gobs of money for a breed dog. But I know every dog needs their love, despite where they come from.
*le sigh* I want one so badly, but I’m going to have to wait. I commute to work, and I know it’s not fair to coup up a dog that long. 🙁

Debbie - I’m not sure which one you are talking about, but Paws has good adoption rates as well (they have a few long-timers but they also sometimes have dogs that get adopted before I can get photos up). From what I hear (and see), everybody is overwhelmed — many much more so than Paws, which is lucky to have a great set of volunteers and relationships with local businesses (like Urban Paws, Toothacres, Wuf and Barking Hound Village) that really help out.

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