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another shining moment

Last night, from the comfort of my couch, I watched my Blue Devils win their fourth national championship.  Nineteen years ago, I was there, in Indianapolis, a Duke freshman, watching the first championship win in person.

Excuse the quality – it’s a scanned version of what was already a poor quality photo (but that’s me, in the middle).

Back then, Duke was the underdog, paired up against the mighty UNLV in the semi-finals.  This time, it was Duke that was the favorite, the “big dog,” going into the Final Four.  I have nothing against Butler [they have an awfully cute mascot!], but I’m very glad they didn’t do as the Devils did back in 1991 and pull off the upset.

So is my big dog, Belle.

Maynard - A freshman in 1991? You are old. That picture almost, almost balances out my increased Duke hatred.

Debbie - I was a very advanced toddler, Chris.

SqueakDog Pet Photography - What an adorable photo from “back in the day!” Congrats on the win. I actually live in Indianapolis, so I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t rooting for the Bulldogs. But what an incredible game!

Cindy Chaffin - Was this the “no reeeeaaaallly” comment on the news, game?

Debbie - Nope – that was my senior year, after we lost to Arkansas in Charlotte. And, for the record, it was “I’m seeeeerrriiious.” It’s hard to believe I didn’t follow that performance up with a career in television.

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