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It occurred to me as I was posting this that it might look like Cagney is snarling at me — she’s not at all, I promise!  I prefer to think of this as that smile you get when you ask an elementary school kid to smile.  Something they do naturally all the time — until you ask.  Then they contort their cute faces into some weird grimace that shows all their teeth.

I posted about Cagney & Lacey not too long ago — they are a pair of GSD sisters who have gone through some pretty serious health issues.  Well, I saw them yesterday and I’m happy to report they are both doing really well.  And – best of all – both are being adopted… together!   A man lost one of his GSDs not too long ago saw the girls — and it was love at first sight.  Both girls apparently have some dog aggression issues (hard to believe as they most certainly do not have any people aggression!) so they are being trained and worked with before he takes both of them home.  They’re young and smart so I have no doubt those issues will be resolved, and they’ll all be one big happy family very soon.

They’re gorgeous dogs – and very close.  I’ve been told that when they go on walks, they are reminiscent of pairs ice skating – in sync right down to how they sit back to back to take care of their business.  There are difference though – Lacey was all about the cuz ball I brought; Cagney was way more interested in the treats in my pocket.

Shauna (Fido & Wino blog) - When I was a kid my family had a dog, Tobi, who would “smile” at us when we came home from school. He would be wagging all over, could hardly contain himself. That smile looked so ridiculous… & was so endearing 🙂

Great news that they have been adopted out!

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