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winter wonderland

The past two days have been pretty magical around here — a foot of snow in 24 hours is INSANE down here.  Unheard of.  Never happened.  Ever.  Over 24 hours of snowfall – big, fluffy, wet flakes, perfect for snowballs and snowmen.  It’s has put everybody in a good mood, with huge smiles and waves from people everywhere.  There are snowmen, snowwomen, snowbears, snowangels, snow-you-name-its all over town.

The snow has already begun to melt, and the city is starting to turn into a puddle of slush (12 inches is a lot of precipitation!).  A lot of the city lost power (somehow I didn’t – I’m shocked but happy) and are still waiting to get it back.  There are trees down everywhere (we have a lot of very well-established, old, evergreen trees that just couldn’t take the weight of all that snow) – I lost half of one, and have another small one pretty much laying on its side (luckily, my ginormous pecan tree is deciduous and held up just fine).  But for probably another day, it’s like we’re living in an unexpected winter wonderland.

Belle, not surprisingly, has loved it.  I wasn’t sure how Bear would do as he doesn’t like to go out in the rain.  But, it turns out his DNA test may have actually been accurate, and he may have malamute in his blood – he’s also had a blast.  We’re all exhausted (and a little sore!), but hoping it’ll stick around just a little longer.

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