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westminster dog show

The Westminster Dog Show starts tonight, with Best in Show awarded tomorrow night.  Last year, I was lucky to go to Westminster in person (thanks, Dad!!).  It was a blast – so much fun seeing all kinds of dogs I’d heard of, but never even seen in real life.  It’s a zoo, particularly in the benching area, but that’s all part of the fun.  And, I have to say, I think the movie “Best in Show” might really be a documentary.  The dogs seem happy and pampered, if a bit pooped and/or bored by the end.  I, not surprisingly, took about a zillion photos (I’ve only included a small portion in the slideshow below!).

I know some people disagree with the idea of dog shows, and, while I think they’re a little silly, I don’t mind them.  I fully support shelters and rescue organizations and hope that everyone that’s interested in getting a dog considers adopting as there are an endless supply of great dogs that really need homes.  But I also do not have an issue with responsible breeding — key word being “responsible.”  I love the different breeds and the unique qualities that set them apart from one another, so I support the furthering of each breed, so long as it is done properly.  That being said, if you are considering buying a purebred dog, please, please, please do your research.  There are a ton of websites with advice on things to look for, questions to ask, little tests to perform.  Visit the breeder and see the dogs — all the dogs.  See where the pups live, see how they behave and react to you, to the breeder, to other dogs, etc.  Ask questions.  If there is anything that makes you uneasy, walk away.  Don’t help keep a bad breeder in business.

Claire - so cool that you got to go last year! i’m jealous!

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