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cash is home

A wonderful family, the Hunts, adopted Cash yesterday.  He’ll be happy and spoiled rotten with them… but I have to admit to having a pretty sizable hole in my  heart right now.  I made them promise to let me keep him whenever they leave town.

I miss the little boy something fierce.  I think Bear might too.

Lily - Aww. I’m so happy for Cash but will miss seeing him on your blog!

Margaret - He is a beautiful dog. He’s lucky he’s been adopted. My granddog is an American Bulldog and he looks a lot like Cash. Although Leroy has a black spot on the top of his head.

Shauna (Fido & Wino) - Awww! You did such a good thing taking him in! Maybe you’ll be the “soft pillow to land on” for another pup someday?

Take care!

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