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cagney & lacey | dallas dog photography

Fantastic names, right?

Paws in the City rescued these two sweet sisters from the City animal shelter after they’d been picked up as strays.  Within days, they both became very ill and were diagnosed with pneumonia.  Lacey was definitely worse off than Cagney, but both girls are recovering now.  I went to visit both of them (they are at separate vet clinics) to get some photos to use to help them find foster homes and to hopefully solicit some donations to help cover their vet care.  Both are super sweet, affectionate girls.  Lacey, in particular, needs to put some meat back on her bones, but you can still see what gorgeous dogs they are (Cagney’s on the left, Lacey’s on the right)

For more information on these girls — or on plenty of other fabulous dogs needing a home — check out Paws in the City’s website.

Shauna (Fido & Wino) - Heard about you via phetched- I think it is really fabulous that you are profiling these gorgeous girls on your blog! Beautiful photos- I love their ears!

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