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happy halloween!

Someone’s rethinking his decision to show up on my doorstep…

boxer boy-2boxer boy

Bear thought maybe Boxer Boy’s presence would mean he got a break.  Not so fast, Mr. Bear.

bear & belle-2

The arrival of Boxer Boy has upset Belle most of all, so I did largely give her a break.

bear & belle

Becky - Oh my gosh, Deb, I want your front porch. 🙂 That image of Belle with the boys peeking through the window kills me!

Rhianne - these are great, Belle looks fabulous!

Jennifer - Hi there, I’m your new obsessed fan. I stumbled across your pics on the Save a Dog app for FB. Oh my gosh, I love them. Your about me also really hit home. Love your work.

Cindy Chaffin - Those dogs are going to kill you in your sleep…

Claire - oooh, that red wig on the white dog in the very first photo is faaabulous! reminds me that i haven’t yet put my halloween wig on roux…

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